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Some questions you'd be likely to want to ask: Is my business successful? What are we doing differently 10 years in the future? What do we need to do NOW to help us be more successful in 10 years' time? What do I need to STOP doing?

We can help you answer those questions; through a series of proven tools, frameworks, and processes, LASA will enable you to interrogate the future and plan for success. We enable you to build in-house capabilities in foresight, renewal, change design and successful implementation.

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Peter Duggett

Case Studies

We work with ambitious companies of all sizes who are ready for renewal and success not just now, but in the future.

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The cover of Here be Dragons

Here be Dragons:

navigating in an uncertain world.

Once there was the known world and beyond that was the unknown – where mysterious and strange creatures such as dragons waited. The map on the cover shows the known world and reflects that beyond this is the unknown, the dragons. Here be Dragons is in fact two books for the price of one: the story of the Columbus Project and the Pilot's Guide.

The Columbus Project describes the journey taken by a fictional organisation which was set the challenge of renewing itself. The second part, The Pilots Guide, is a handbook to the tools used for renewal in the story, The Columbus Project.

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We all know the value of hindsight; if you could talk to yourself 10 years in the future, what questions would you ask?

Beyond Crisis Beyond Crisis –
achieving renewal in a turbulent world, John Wiley 2010.
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Marketing Director, strategy development project

"LASA are easy to work with, they have a no-nonsense, collaborative way of working towards a practical outcome."

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Commercial Director, Logistics

"The value in the actions of the people you worked with will be in the tens of millions of dollars!"

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CEO, Manufacturing

"LASA's visionary view on the future of the economy and industry; their detailed insight, challenging questions, practical business experience = successful strategy development AND implementation."

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